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When it comes to know all about FPV Quadcopter, the first thing is the thrill that comes with it from the distance in which one can see view in both recorded and real time video transmissions is what comes to mind. Regardless whether it is for entertainment purposes or for business purposes on a large area its definition still in question, this is the first area in which has to be looked at.

What is FPV quadcopter?

24The FPV quadcopter is a small helicopter of some kind that is used to transmit live images from a distance in the sky to the user of the ground. Using of LCD screen that is about 4 inches, one can be able to see exactly the images gotten by the quadcopter as captured, thus the name first person view. However with a single control system one can also be able to record images for later viewing instead of just flying and observing.

The very Basics

“First Person View” and often said as FPV is the basic term to describe a ground level view of what the camera on your quad copter is focusing upon. Current systems are compatible to use various monitors to accomplish this, which includes:

  1. LCD screens – sometimes built into the TX, also known as the controlling unit, in cases some mounted above it.
  2. Goggles – Some popular models like the Fatshark and the new Epson Moverio, the Occulus Rift are likely be an important addition to display this category.
  3. Smart Phone or Tablet screen – Some common & existing products such as the Phantom 2 Vision+, the Parrot AR Drone use IOS or Android devices as an output device to display the camera output from the flying quad copter.

Almost all modern & even upcoming quad copters are controlled using an R/C radio that uses the 2.4GHZ frequency band. Therefore, this frequency cannot be used for a companion FPV system as it may interfere with your R/C radio control. Therefore, FPV systems are typically sold in the 5.8GHZ frequency band, although you can also get other frequencies.

In this intermediate level exercise, generally they provide a very basic 5.8GHZ system. This system takes less than one hour to be assembled and tested, making it an easy project.

What’s in a prop?

For a good setup choosing the right ESCs, motors and props is bound to be very critical. Early minis ran on 12A speed controllers, tiny 3S compatible motors, and bendy Gemfan 5030 props.By that time, T-motor and Sunnysky have released a good range of much more powerful & capable motors, enabled for driving larger and stiffer props.

Setting up a track

Now as you and your friends have brand new shiny FPV racing quad, it’s time to set up a track for the rehearsal.

First of all – you must always remember that some little missiles can cause nasty injuries, both to pilots and the audiences as well, so choose your location carefully & the basic requirement of safety must also be fulfilled. Check the rules and regulations which are to be followed by the locally, they may vary enormously from country to country.

When it comes to finalizing a circuit in a formal manner, remember that the sky is the limit! Randomly You can select a route that sticks close to the ground, or incorporate some altitude changes that could provide a real 3D feeling.

At the end of the day, we must make sure that we keep the game safer & must remember that our actions reflect everything therefore we must follow the rules of the game and set examples for others, so fly hard, but fly safe!

In this article we will put together a simple FPV system which could be installed on any quad copter with enough payload to carry the weight.

FPV Equipment

The most important Equipment that comes with a quadcopter is the video camera. This is for the transmission of both live and recording images. Installation of both WIFI to control the camera is needed and an application for android and IOS devices by use of Walkera QR. In other FPV installation of GPS is done to ensure that even when transmission is lost it can still get beck and attach itself to the transmitter.


Transmitter to beam the video signal from the unit in the air to the ground. Generally a 5.8 GHZ 200 mw is a popular model called the TS351, sold by Boscam and various other vendors.
3. Monitor for output video to be seen on the ground
4. Battery giving power to monitor on the ground
5. A receiver to connect the Monitor on the ground to receive the video signal

FPV Goggles

you’ve been flying drones for a little while now and are finally interested in getting a set of FPV goggles? With the rise of technology FPV goggles have gone a lot better over the past few years and you can finally have a different flying experience than the normal field of view. Instead of just having to watch your quadcopter from the ground you now have the ability to watch what your drone sees from first-person view. This means you can go you can go behind objects such as trees or houses and still be able to guide your drone.

FPV Camera

Camera with USB to video take-off. This cable is sometimes included with the unit when you purchase it. However, if it did not come with your unit, then you have to buy that.

one of the most important parts of any FPV setup is the FPV camera.  The FPV camera is the one item in the FPV system that most directly determines the upper-bound quality of the image that can be transmitted to the pilot.
There are many factors that determine the ultimate quality of the image that is displayed on the pilot’s goggle system or display, but the FPV camera determines the quality of the initial video signal leaving the plane.
Before we offer some tips on which camera to choose, let’s take a look at some of the basic types of FPV cameras.

Safety Required for FPV

In a quest of knowing all about Quadcopter FPV, safety is a big requirement. In this case the first thing is interference of vehicle radio and GPS should be parallel. This is for the simple reason that signal can be lost and malfunction will happen. Another thing is operation within the required system. This is basically to ensure that signal is not lost and manual retake will not happen, eliminating chances of crushing. However most is important is learning of the model aeronautics for the simple reason to learn to spot and avade obstacles on the way.

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