How to fly quadcopter

Learn How to Fly and Control a Quadcopter

About basic controls

12For one who wants to fly a quadcopter, their safety and of those around them is the first thing that should come to mind. This is the reason why it is important to know how to fly it and where to fly it. Like every machine, it presents a danger when it is not handled well. Once one knows how to fly it, the possibility of injuries will remain low. For the controls and basics, on how to fly a quadcopter, one should familiarize themselves with the RC transmitter and insert batteries for them to be able to control the machine. There is a left stick and a right stick. The left stick controls what is known as the Throttle. The Throttle is what controls the copter’s movement in an up and down motion. The Yaw controls the copter’s rotation to the right or to the left. The right stick has the Roll and the Pitch controls. The Pitch moves the quadcopter frontwards and backwards. The Roll moves the copter from side to side. When one is still learning how to fly, they should fly the copter at a low altitude so that they get used to the controls easily.


The machine can be flown indoors and outdoors. The copter should be flown in a wind and draught free environment and the areas in which it flown should be organised and not a cluttered place. This is to prevent it damaging the surrounding items. Stabilization of the copter is the key to flying it steadily. The best quadcopter reviews has blades which spin in opposite directions and work together to provide upward thrust. To create balance and stability, the relative thrust of each propeller is varied. Nevertheless, flying the copter presents a unique challenge as one has to ensure that they find the right balance and have the machine flying with stability. To keep the quad level, one has to keep making adjustments to the speed of each propeller. To stabilize the craft, one should switch to the stabilize mode, if one is still learning and when they are not comfortable with the copter yet, they should keep it at stabilize mode at all times. The transmitter switches should be on stabilize mode.

Some other tips

One should fly their quadcopter at a safe distance from people and property. This is a safety precaution. In case one miscontrols the machine it could easily injure someone else. As altitude increase, keep it far away from other people. One should remember that the blades of the craft are dangerous. With that in mind, the copter should be flown where there is no property lingering as a crash may cause things to break. One should not fly it in crowds, this could cause serious problems. Flying it near buildings will interfere with the GPS settings and position and a flier is bound to lose control of it. One should try as much as possible to fly it where there are open spaces as obstacles cause cut offs in radio connection. One should not fly it near an airport, this will be an offence per FAA rules.

The best way to that one would avoid crashes is by learning to switch back to stabilize mode and gaining control a significant tip on how to fly a quadcopter.

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