Quadcopter Parts


partsHobbyking-SK450 is one of the finest frames for quad-copter and it is 450mm quad-frame made from the quality materials. Main frame is quality glass-fiber and the arms are built from the polyamide nylon. It looks good and utilizes 1 size of the bolt for entire build. The orientation feature of the sK450 is quite clever. The weight is measured 300mg and it is 450mm wide.


This is addictive in order to record the Aerial Videos as well as photos. An individual can share Videos while he is flying. A person can also go throw the rc quadcopter Camera reviews with in order to know whether it has HD or Non-HD camera. Actually, it is one of the significant features that can satisfy the customers, when he is purchasing in order to build a quad-copter. There are a large number of RC-quad-copters with the HD cameras. These quad-copters also have night vision camera.


Power-distribution board of this quad-copter is brilliantly designed and it is ultimate solution for the power distribution wearing. Weight is measured 7.6g.


It has NTM-28-30S, 900KV brush less motor and built without any external shaft. However, it is quite popular for the outstanding performance, tight windings and the correctly-rated magnets. Weight is measured 66g.


TuRNIGY-9x is re-flashed with the V2 firmware and the trustworthy 2.4 GHz method is quite efficient for the quadcopter transmitter for beginners. It features 128*64-LCD, 8ch PPM/ 9ch PCM and user support-8.


Usually a quad-copter utilizes 2 CW propellers and 2 CCW propellers and they are divided into different classes based on the length as well as pitch. The higher pitch will increase the speed of a vehicle.

Landing Gear

Landing gear of the quad-copter may be of different types like retractable landing-gear, carbon-fiber landing gear, dji-f550 landing-gear etc. Price of the carbon fiber landing gear charges around $20.67 per pair.


There are Turnigy batteries which are known for their reliable performance. It is also affordable. These batteries are equipped with the duty-discharged leads in order to decrease resistance as well as sustain the current loads. All of the packs are equipped with the gold-plated connectors. Minimum capacity of these batteries is 3300mAh.

LED Lights

If an individual wants to install the LED light in the quad-copter, he can take the soldering iron in order to unsolder yellow as well as red wires. The process of replacing LED lights is quite simple and a person can replace LED by executing the operation of soldering positive to red wire as well as yellow wire onto negative. However, Led lights of the quad-copters are beautifully designed.

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