Quadcopter vs Helicopter,tricopter,hexacopter & octocopter

Quadcopter is one of the most popular multicopter on the market. They are fast, affordable in price they are easy to manufacture. They have four propellers to ensure that they are able to lift in the air. With the four propellers, a quadcopter has more power to lift off the ground.

Other types of multicopters include: helicopter, octocopter, hexacopter and tricopter

Quadcopter vs Helicopter

rc-helicopter-vs-quadcopterQuadcopter pros over helicopter

  • Quadcopter is easy to fly and control
  • It has a very easy to learn and has a better crash recovery
  • They are simple and easy to manufacture

Quadcopter cons over helicopter

  • They are less stable and efficient than helicopters
  • They are less efficient since helicopters takes more energy to slow down keeping the motor and propellers at a constant speed
  • They are less safe during power loss or motor failure

Quadcopter vs Tricopter

Tricopter-vs.-Quadcopter2Quadcopter pros over tricopter

  • It has 4 propellers compared to a tricopter which has 3 therefore has more thrust and power
  • They are more heavier making them able to resist wind
  • It has the ability to reach more height

Quadcopter cons over tricopter

  • It is more expensive than a tricopter
  • A tricopter is simple and easy to repair
  • They have a less battery life
  • They are more heavier in weight

Quadcopter vs Hexacopter

quadcopter vs hexacopterQuadcopter pros over hexacopter

  • It’s cheap to manufacture and maintain
  • Its powerful enough to add accessories
  • It has a great maneuverability
  • It has a great thrust and power compared to a hexacopter

Quadcopter cons over hexacopter

  • It’s not as powerful as a hexacopter
  • It does not reach higher elevations as a hexacopter
  • A hexacopter is more safe having 6 motors 120 degrees apart because it can use the rest motors when one dies

Quadcopter vs Octocopter

quadcopter vs octacopterQuadcopter pros over octocopter

  • A quadcopter is much cheaper compared to octocopter
  • It is smaller in size while an octocopter is big in size
  • It has a long battery life while a octocopter has a much less battery life

Quadcopter cons over octocopter

  • Its less fast and agile as compared to an octocopter
  • An octocopter can hold heavy camera equipment than a quadcopter
  • It is less powerful
  • An octocopter is very safe and stable

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