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The RC quadrocopter, also known as the quad rotor RC helicopter is classified as a multi rotor craft based on their lift. It is the fastest growing evolution in receiver controlled technology. The 4 propellers arranged in a cross like configuration gives it its name. Contradictory to other helicopters, the RC quadcopters use two sets of twin propellers that control its motion which make its lift characteristics unique. Two of these propellers accurately spin clockwise and the other two anti clockwise at different speeds to attain the directional movements. There are Review of Best three major size of quadcopters Nano, mini, Lrage with camera and kit.

Large Quadcopter

One would certainly be proud to have such large quadcopter with additional features to perform heavier tasks, to perform better tricks and with enhanced radio connectivity and more volatile frame.

But its certainly comes with the responsibility to handle it, as it requires an expert control to be handles and moreover its laden with so many features that the pilot would require something special to understand what to use at various occasion and moreover the radio connectivity is far better than what you would found in any mini or a micro quadcopter.

The large quadcopter reviews offers impressive features making it the best choice. You can do a number of activities like taking pictures and shooting films with it and not worry about the automatic pilot systems. The several brands in the market have different specifications. The FAE 1000Q features a wireless PC working station. It weighs 2600g and a 1040 internal engine diameter. The XINXUN X30V on the other hand measures ( 9.25 x 2.36 x 4.92 )” / (23..5 x 6 x 12.5)cm (L x W x H) and has remarkable features that will keep you smiling.

The feature in the large quadcopters may vary a little some might provide a video recording which gets stored in the sd card installed in the unit itself , or there may be others which might require a gadget like a phone or anything which gets connected to the unit and uses the mobile or that interface to store the video or any other setting or any other features, basically they are centered around that interface and you may make any changes on the basis of that interface or using that interface.

There would be something that you must consider while buying a large quadcopter, almost all quadcopters Top of Form Come in complete pack with everything, except the batteries for the Transmitter. It also comes with an extra set of propellers, which might become quite important at any time. Purchasing at least 1 extra battery for the quad itself is must.

Initially you have to gain a little experience, you should lift your quadcopter off the ground to 2 foot or above – because it gets the ground effect when it is close to the floor/ground.

Following it, you should start your practice by standing behind the quadcopter and having its face AWAY from you. This will allow you to make movements on your sticks (the Transmitter) to make the quadcopter go in the direction as you decide to push!

Why should I go for large?

For many pilots, maybe there is no reason to lust after large quadcopters. Large units mean more expensive, just as an example of a boat. Still, often the sailor with a small boat may have as much fun as the one with a large yacht. Unless he became familiar to the extra facilities that he might get in that large version, I’d suggest going for a large quadcopters, unless you have an actual reason for stepping way down.

Nano Quadcopter

Nano Quadcopter are the smallest of the quadcopters in present & are easier to handle as compared to any other type of quadcopters. Nano quadcopters are as much efficient as any other type, you might also find them with some high frequency but due to its reduced size you might not find some of the features which would be easily available in bigger models. The quality of its features is basically designed for the beginners and is basically meant to be used by beginners so as to make them learn how to control the Nano quadcopters and enable them to move from beginner to higher stages.

These versions are preferred for the beginners as they are easy to control and are meant to be used for learning of the basic controls. Later on the pilots may find it easier to use the Nano quadcopters with some additional features as they would be having the experience of basic controlling and can further learn or accelerate with a better version. If someone would opt to higher version as a begginner he migh face trouble as he would be handling more than the basics and would not be able to provide that much and whatever your style is, you can definitely obtain a RC Quadcopter that is perfect for you, from a Nano Quadcopter to a much larger multi-rotor version. You can acquire informed and unbiased recommendations via the use of the plethora of Nano Quadcopter Review sites that are available online. Several of these superb flying machines have built in electronic cameras. For approximately $70, you could buy a Quadcopter that has a 2 MP video camera which can capture detailed videos.

You have to think about a lot of points when selecting your  Nano Quadcopter. Extra parts accessibility is necessary when picking a Quadcopter. You’ll soon experience an accident flying your multi-rotor especially if you are simply a novice or beginner to this exciting and rewarding Hobby. If a crash or accident occurs, it is very important to know of a website where you could acquire a spare component to fix your machine and get back up flying. Many of the Best Brands, like Walkera, Hubsan or WLToys will offer a thorough assortment of spares and to fix a large percentage of models you will need to obtain a soldering kit. It’s always recommended that you acquire added Lipo batteries as the smaller sized Quadcopter will just fly for about 10 minutes on a single Lipo battery charge.Doing all of your research is recommended before even think ing about getting a larger and much more advanced and costly model.

Whenever your first Quadcopter comes, you need to invest time researching the manual and reading any flying suggestion sheets. These ideas sheets will encourage you on the best ways to fly your craft, where you can fly and when to avoid flying. Furthermore, they consist of guidelines on how you can set up your multi-rotor. I really hope that this post has helped you select the right Quadcopter. You will undoubtedly have hours of fun actively flying these high tech gadgets.

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Mini and Micro Quadcopter

A mini quadcopter, or a micro quadcopter is self-explanatory by its name, it is as good as a original quadcopter, however it’s the smaller version of the Quadcopter which is used by the beginers and has some features & capabilities lesser than what a Original Quadcopter might have. Certain functions are generally similar such as the design, flight ability, stability, and durability. some major advantages that you may find in a mini drone can be an increased battery life and reduced price.

Quadcopters can be exciting, attractive & cheerful and may become an addiction at times, however the constant & curtained major drawback will be the price. Either you consider the initial investment or the repairing cost of broken parts of mini quadcops are lesser expensive in the short and long term as compared to original quadcopters. An additional benefit, Generally for beginners, is the battery life which has a longer period of backup. Smaller quads have slightly lighter initial loads making the battery life run longer. All most all mini quadcopters can fly for about 10 minutes or more which results more practice time!

The mini and micro sized RC quad copter is stylish and strong with lightweight glass fiber material that guarantees its flight. The ideal mini brands are the Hubsan, Syma, Estes, and Wltoys. The mini quad copters vary in size depending on the brand. The Hubsan X4 Mini Quad copter is so compact and come with camera that it can fit in your hand it measures 2.3 x 2.3 x 1.2 Inches and weighs only 110 grams. The X230 Mini Quad copter combo on the other hand has a width of 230mm and height of 110mm with designs to handle the tilt camera but still maintains its balance.

Syma X1d

Syma X1 is has much more than everything, that you need to fly, you can certainly learn to fly & enjoy the features the same day you receive your mini drone. You will receive 1 9 x 9” 3CH 3-axis micro quadcopter, apart from that you will also be receiving 4 blades, a LCD remote controller, a 3.7v 350mAh LiPo battery, and a USB charger for the battery. To get a full charge on the battery, it must be plugged in to charge for about 40 minutes which will give you approximately 6 minutes of flying time.A learner would recommend buying at least one more battery so you can get more practice, each time you fly.Once you become familier with hovering and basic controls you can move to practice 3D flips! However, Stability and agility will almost come naturally with mini quadcopters, especially for the Syma X1 as it’s crucial for performing complicated tricks. With the Syma X1 you can do pirouettes, flips, rolls, and much more, partially result of the quick response, thanks to its 2.4GHz radio control.

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