Quadcopter Types

Some of the most popular Remote Controlled Quadcopters or helicopters including the Gas Powered Quadcopters, the turbine powered quadcopters, the nitro RC Helicopters and the large electric powered quadcopters differ from each other primarily based on the type of engine used in driving these quadcopters.

7145758439_eebfc31dbdGas Powered Quadcopter

Gas RC quadcopter also called as Gassers come with a 2-stroke single cylinder gasoline engine very much similar to the 2-stroke gas engines found in chain saws and gas leaf blowers. The fuel that drives the gas engine is either petrol mixed with a two cycle racing Engine oil or Gasoline. The RC gas Engine body is made out Aluminum and Magnesium in order to make it as light as possible. The gas Engine used in Gas Powered Quadcopters run much quieter when compared to Nitro Engines. This is mainly due to the fact that the gas engines run at slower speeds of 12,000 rpm. The Nitro Engines usually run at top speeds of 18,000 rpm. Gas Engines consume 50% less fuel when compared to Nitro Engines. The flight times achieved with the gas powered RC Quadcopters are longer and can fly 30 minutes nonstop before refueling.

Jet Powered Quadcopter

Another popular version of RC Quadcopters is the Jet Engine powered quadcopters. These are also popularly called as Jet Quads. These Jet Quadcopters come with higher speed and altitude capabilities and can even match the performance of a modern passenger Air plane. The Jet Quadcopters usually come with four turbine jet engines that are controlled by a centralized computing system. These turbines have the capability to run at top speeds of 120,000 rpm. Because of its inherent capability to produce higher power output, the Jet engine Quadcopters can be used for carrying heavier camera systems used in Aerial Photography.

Solar Powered Quadcopter

With more emphasis on using clean energy sources, solar power based Quadcopters have come in to existence in recent times. One of the primary benefits of such solar quadcopters is its ability to travel longer distances particularly in regions with abundant sunlight. Such Solar powered quadcopters are expected to be extensively used in surveillance and search and rescue operations. The solar cells are installed on a semi flexible silicon panel. Solar powered quadcopters come with enhanced power to weight ratio and this helps in flying over longer distances in an uninterrupted manner. The solar panels come with enhanced UV reflecting capabilities in order to maintain the solar cell temperature within a particular range.

Nitro Quadcopter

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